Emma + Jerod Engagement

In Engagement Photos On May 4 0 Comments

Emma, Jerod and their daughter Ari were an absolute pleasure to photograph. Jenni and I currently don’t have any children, but if we ever do we hope they… Read More »


Anita + David Engagement

In Engagement Photos On April 26 0 Comments

Meet Anita and David. Their wedding is coming up in September! In preparation, Jenni and I met up with them Downtown Indianapolis for a bite to eat and… Read More »


Brianna + Michael White Wall

In White Fun Wall On March 22 0 Comments

I honestly have no idea why anyone wouldn’t get the White Wall for their party or reception. It’s just so much fun! Great for fun photos, or a nice… Read More »


Brianna + Michael Wedding

In Wedding Photography On March 22 0 Comments

We had the honor of getting to know Brianna and Michael in the months leading up their wedding. They are an awesome couple and their wedding was absolutely… Read More »


Jessica + Jesse Pre-Engagement

In Engagement Photos On October 13 1 Comment

One of my two best friends in the whole wide world is Ross, whom I’ve known since early elementary school. Meet his brother Jesse and Jesse’s (soon-to-be) fiance,… Read More »


Launa + Brian Wedding

In Wedding Photography On September 28 0 Comments

Launa and Brian are two awesome people. Not only are they gorgeous and in love, they’re also both police officers! Launa is the sister of a coworker and… Read More »


Laurel + Rodney Wedding

In Wedding Photography On July 4 0 Comments

Meet Laurel and Rodney, two awesome people who got married on July 4th. I love that they decided to get married on a day that’s all about freedom. Yay… Read More »


Stephanie + Justin Wedding

In Wedding Photography On April 13 0 Comments

It’s Stephanie’s wedding day! Isn’t she beautiful? She hasn’t even put on makeup yet! You might remember Stephanie from her and Justin’s engagement pictures. She’s a good friend… Read More »


Stephanie + Justin Engagement Party

In Engagement Photos On February 1 0 Comments

Jenni and I were invited to a secret, surprise party for our very good friend, Stephanie. I’m glad I brought my camera, because it turns out we were… Read More »


Janell + Joel White Fun Wall

In White Fun Wall On January 26 0 Comments

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… The White Fun Wall is a great addition to any wedding reception! Good times are always had by all…. Read More »